Nov 302011

В ноябре 2011 в Англии вышла в свет книга переводов стихов Леонида Аронзона на английский язык. Переводчик Ричард Маккейн.

Leonid Aronzon: Life of a Butterfly: Collected Poems (2011)

Leonid Aronzon encourages rhapsodic responses to his poems, and rightly so. He is the poet who does precisely what a poet should do, by avoiding literal-ness in favour of portraying feelings. To this end he emulates the French Symbolist poet, Stéphane Mallarmé, who believed that if poems named an object they necessarily took away its mystery; poems Mallarmé suggested, should recognise the absolute presence of what apparently is not present. Like all very considerable poets, Aronzon ignored the easy habits that pass for poetry by perpetuating the beat of the heart and the life of the soul in poems which lay claim to having traced the greatness of the human spirit. … More


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